Financial Fast Day 10 of 21: Know Your Value!

You as a person have value. Your value is not based on your bank account, investment portfolio or material items. Your value is found in your passion, purpose and view of life. As you come into your own, you begin to recognize your value.

I say all of this to let you know debt, bills and being strapped for cash can confuse you. You as a person have VALUE! You are worth more than worrying how to pay a bill. You are worth more than stressing how to feed your family. You have VALUE because you are an incredible human being. I have faith you will find your value, if you haven’t already.

Let’s take a step back. Take a look at your actions, thoughts and dreams. Recall a time when you failed. At first you didn’t feel positive or happy. Then you started to reflect on it. Failures don’t impact your value. Knowing you have value impacts your actions, thoughts and dreams! This simply is having self-love. It is you understanding no one can validate you and nothing can devalue you. It is important for you to understand others may NOT see your value. This does not matter. No one can give you value but you!

As you travel through life’s peaks and valleys, remember you are GREATER than them all. You have value!

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