5 Money Tips From A 6 Year Old Boy

My 6 year old nephew is my nerd mini-me. He is very observant, inquisitive and strategic. However, at times, he gives up too quickly if a situation is not as easy as he thought. Recently, his strategic side overtook his quit easily side.

Last week, my sister took her children to Target. While in the store they went into the toy section. Of course my nephew fell in love with a new shiny toy. But what happened next made me especially PROUD.Little Boy with Arms Up in Arm

He looks at the toy then checks the price. The toy cost $29.99. He asks his mom, my sister, if she had money to buy him the toy immediately. Does this sound familiar? She does as she always does and tells him, “Son, I don’t have money for that today.” Well like any kid who so desires a new shiny toy, my nephew starts pondering ways to pay for it. His thought process and rationale are those of a financially focused adult.

#1: Cost Cutting Method – Not discouraged, my nephew turns to my niece. He says “Mom spent that amount on us to eat out last night. We should have bought wings, cooked them and eaten at home.” If you can’t make more money to get the things you need and want, find ways to cut your expenses to afford them. My nephew is willing to cutout dining out…except on his birthday.

#2: Savings – My nephew then turns to his mom and request they go home immediately so he can count the money in his piggy bank. His piggy bank was about $20 too short to buy the new toy. Saving for the things you want is important.

#3: Delay of gratification – My sister asks my nephew if he is going to ask his aunt to purchase the toy for him since he doesn’t have enough money. He says “No. I’ll wait for Christmas.” If something is NOT a necessity then you can WAIT to get it.

#4: Earn Money – My nephew decided he could make money to buy the toy. He inquired about a “game” my mom played with my niece. For every 3 sentences he writes, my nephew earns a dollar. Too bad for him my mom lives an hour away so he won’t be collecting his cash anytime soon.

#5: Don’t Give Up – My nephew never gave up! He knew there was a solution to his quest to get that new shiny toy. Find the tenacity to get what you want without going into debt.

I’m so proud of my 6 year old nephew. I wonder who is going to buy the toy for him because if he is like me that money he earns will sit in his piggy bank…LOL

Just in case you didn’t notice, children pay close attention to adult behaviors!

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