Financial Fast Day 16 of 21: A One Night Stand with Your Money

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One Night Stand with Your Money

Every gone to work the Monday after pay day wonder where all your money went? I know debt, budget, income, bills, savings, retirement and oh yeah FUN! Where does your money really go? What relationship do you have with your money? Are y’all in it for the long haul, just met and learning about each other or is it a one night stand?

I remember getting my first engineering job out of college. I was making $50,000 salary plus sales incentives. Yet it seemed money and I easily parted. It was a one night stand. I would have a great time with my money on pay day Friday and wake up Saturday or Sunday morning alone…feeling used and confused as to where did “he” go.

We do better when we know better. At was at this time I started to get slight serious about my finances. I had to make changes to get a better grip on my finances. So I did the following:

  1. Read financial and debt elimination books
  2. Cancelled my cable and internet service
  3. Reduced dining out
  4. Put my student loans in Forbearance
  5. Took breakfast and lunch to work
  6. Dropped gym membership
  7. Carpooled for any social outings
  8. Started discount shopping
  9. Planned and attended social events for free at coworkers/friends’ homes
  10. Created a budget.

And still 10 years later, I was finally debt free. Success is NEVER a straight line. It is a learning process wherein you find your best practices. There will be peaks and valleys. You can never give up and give in. Be prepared to push when you need to and pull when you have to in order to reach your financial freedom. Then you will have a long lasting faithful and loving relationship with your money.

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