Financial Fast Day 21 of 21: 10 Things I Learned During My Financial Fast

The most important items I learned during the Financial Fast are listed below. Whenever you endeavor to make changes you will uncover many ways to improve and grow. I felt a bit defeated at times and a warrior at other times. I never completely gave up but I was frustrated when I couldn’t buy what I wanted to buy. Then I realized, I was really using my money for…to fill a void.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Change is difficult.
  2. Don’t give up or give in.
  3. If you see yourself failing, you will FAIL.
  4. Believe in yourself because you are stronger than you realize.
  5. You can CONTROL your money.
  6. Yes emotional spending is real.
  7. I am overspending even within a budget.
  8. Don’t give up on following a budget.
  9. Making SMART Financial Goals
  10. Having an emergency fund is critical

“Nothing changes until something changes.” Drive the change you want to see in your finances. Be open to learn, listen and act upon the information you receive. Also be willing to ask questions and for help. This empowers you to make better decisions. – Michele Heyward

I have truly grown throughout this financial fast and will definitely continue to do it 3-4 times a year. If you would like to join me be sure to leave a comment.

Your Clarity leads to Cashflow
Your Clarity leads to Cashflow

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