EngiNerds Only Know Being Different & Strange  

As an enginerd (engineer nerd), I’m always perplexed when people say I live and do different things than most because to me it’s nothing new, different or special. Then my sisters remind me that I’ve always been different. I have come to embrace who I am and to live my life as I desire.

‪#‎AllIn ‪#‎Gemini‪#‎DareToBeDifferent ‪#‎BornToBeDifferent

You see my career as a construction engineer has me jumping from one location to another location, usually remote locations.  But I enjoy moving around the country managing construction projects. Each one is different from the previous one so I can to learn and grow.

While many see a building being built, I see a safety hazard, concrete forms being placed and rebar being tied. I can see the method and madness. I can see the possibilities in an old structure and tell you what it once was. The enginerd in me never STOPS. I can be on vacation and analyze how a process can be more efficient from restaurant service to a school of fish swimming in the ocean.

While my life is not ideal all the time, it is mine.  Through it all, I have grown leaps and bounds. This country girl has found that being different and strange is to be leader, to be admired, to be desired and to be encouraged. No longer do I need to fit in or prescribe to someone else’s definition of who I should be or what I should do. Instead, this enginerd loves being nerdy, loves being off beat, wearing heels, going for walks in the park, loving the Flash television show/Big Bang Theory/Downton Abbey/ Arrow, you can be lonely in a crowded space, friends come for reasons or seasons and many more offbeat  and sometimes popular things.

I have never thought of engineering as a field I would grow personally. But what does a teenager know when selecting a college major. What I have learned thus far in my journey is:

  1. Snow is HIGHLYL overrated.
  2. Home cooking is the best.
  3. Sweet tea is NOT everywhere.
  4. Summer is still my favorite time of year.
  5. I am happy alone and with my own thoughts.
  6. I am enjoying the journey
  7. It is ok to feel lonely…


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