Financial Fast Day 2 of 21: Did I fail to LAUNCH?

Uhm…well I didn’t fail to plan but did I fail to LAUNCH?  Better yet, how did my plan to SUCCEED go? Did I fail on my second day of the financial fast? These are all very valid questions for me to address. Many times we have what seem like SOLID PLANS with focus and details, yet nothing happens.

Well on day 2 of the financial fast I was still holding STRONG. Well as strongly as you can for the second day of the fast. I was packing a cooler full of food for work. I had a quiche for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch and salmon for dinner with various fruits, veggies and potatoes as snacks and sides. I drank mostly water throughout the day.

For evening entertainment, I had a variety of activities. I did Pilates for an hour. I called family and friends for a few hours to catch up. I posted on Facebook and Twitter with various articles and quotes. I read articles and some pages of my e-book. I was CHANGING! I didn’t find the need to go to the store to fill avoid from being bored.

Not only had I LAUNCHED, I was beginning to GROW. Was it comfortable making the changes? Uhm…no! But this only meant what I suspected; I was not completely in control of the money I was spending. While I never ran a credit card up to its limit or spent my rent money on a 55” flat screen, it meant I was not being the best steward of my money. I had room for improvement and the next 19 days would definitely show me where this improvement would be.

I was easily stacking “coins” from not dining out. I was saving money by not running into Target for this or that. I wasn’t going to the drive-thru when I had cupboards and refrigerator packed with nutritious food. I found myself enjoying more of my own cooking and feeling great about it. I didn’t lose time from cooking my meals because I would have one day of meal preparation. This consisted of me making 5-6 meals for the week along with any sides. I was happy to see leftovers on long days of work. In all, I was treating myself better by controlling my food, money and body. LAUNCH SUCCESSFUL…now let’s see me orbit.

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