Financial Fast Day 7 of 21: How do you feel about the changes & Progress you made thus far?

WOOT WOOT! I’ve completed a third of the fast!  How do I feel? Relieved, shameful, encouraged, doubtful, accomplished, focused, driven, forgiving, more thoughtful, open… I have been through all of these emotions and then some.

First I feel RELIEVED. I feel relieved because I know I have more money available to reach other no financial goals. I feel relieved that I will be better prepared for emergencies. I’ve learned that I have more room to learn about my shopping habits.

Next I felt like a FAILURE! How could I not be more in control of my money? I mean I’ve listened to Suze Orman, Gail Vaz Oxlade and Dave Ramsey. I’ve done Financial Peace University. I’ve read several of Suze and David Bach’s books.  I’ve followed Gail on television and Facebook. I even use Gail’s budget for the most part. Yet I still was not as focused as I could be with my money. What did I do WRONG?

Then I reflected and felt ACCOMPLISHED. I am DEBT FREE! YAY! I purchased individual stocks this year which have been a long time goal of mine. I’ve ridded myself of a house I didn’t live in. It was just an expensive storage space. I have accomplished so much in starting my debt free journey so I didn’t be harsh on myself.

From there, I refocused. I am refocused on remaining debt free. If I don’t have the cash for something then it is not purchases. I am refocused building my own business. Being the daughter of a mompreneur I know business ownership has its up and downs but they will be all mine.

Now I am DETERMINED. I am DETERMINED to make a difference in this world because “to whom much is given” much is expected. Most importantly is sharing my story with others to inspire them. If I can do this, then anyone can. If you believe in yourself then I surely will believe in you. Even if you don’t believe in yourself I still believe in you.

Lastly, I am beginning to feel renewed…

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