Financial Fast Day 8 of 21- Does Money Burn A Hole in Your Pocket?

Is this a REVELATION for you? But just because you have money, doesn’t mean you should spend it. You have paid all your bills and debt payments for the month and have even put money into savings. However, you have money remaining. So what do you do with it?

When I was in debt any extra money I had went to pay down my debt. It wasn’t even a second thought. Now that I am debt free, I have to find new places to put this extra money. Should it go to Fun/Blow Money? Or maybe I should put it into a Birthday/Christmas Savings Account? I could just use it for entertainment like going to a concert, symphony, play or state fair. The possibilities are endless.

To reign in my options, I started with the things I like to do. I enjoy listening to music, traveling to the Caribbean, buying gifts for others, and reading. I enjoy personal development activities too. I could go to some conferences and local events focused on my career, interpersonal skill development and developing a new technical skill. I could learn a new hobby too. The list of possibilities keeps growing. I had to shut the valve off.

I brainstormed all the things I could do with my money on various post-it notes. I then categorized them into short term, intermediate and long term. The short term activities were things I could start immediately spend my money on.

For short term activities I undertook almost immediately.  I researched and purchased my first stocks. The next one was learning to use WordPress. I actually found FREE resources to learn how to use WordPress. *saving money on a short term goal without evening trying*I discovered an entire community of people who loved WordPress. I researched hiring a professional business coach to start my dream business. I started working with my first business coach to discover where best to put my talents and passion for my business. Last activity was donating to a cause I believed in like scholarships at my college alma mater.

My intermediate and long term goals are all focused on saving for my business. I am going to bootstrap my business. My mother did the same over 30 years ago when she started her business. I saw first-hand the struggle but thought it was the norm. I guess I am returning to path I have known as a child… OWNERSHIP of not only my work but my business. *SMILING*

Align Your Dreams

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