My Heart, My Home – South Carolina

South Carolina Flood Prayer RequestAs a South Carolina resident and native, this has been a difficult year. While I am not physically in South Carolina during the flood, it is my home and my heart. So many people whom I love and who love me are there. I grew up and learned so much in the Palmetto state. While no place is perfect it is my home.

I have talked to many family members over the last few days to see how they were doing. I inquired about their needs, if I could provide any assistance or if I needed to drive home. They have all said no. They wanted me to remain safe and to come home once the water had receded. All of my loved ones are all safe and did not sustain any injuries or property damage. They have been fortunate.

However, many people did not fare as well. Our neighbors, coworkers and acquaintances have been directly impacted. Most will not fare well financially. Flood insurance was not even a thought for many because they didn’t live on the coast or a large body of water. Yet there homes are flooded from numerous damn failures, overrun rivers and streams, and sewer systems that couldn’t possibly sustain all the rainwater.

Take this time to be better prepared financially. Many times people will only investigate and obtain insurance after a natural disaster or seeing a family struggle to cover funeral costs. I highly encourage each of you to obtain home owner’s insurance, basic renter’s insurance and life insurance. If you have minor kids, many times they can be riders on your policy. The general comment I get back when I suggest getting renter’s insurance is “I don’t own that much stuff.” I would like you to count the number of shoes you have and multiply that number by $50. If you don’t have that amount in your bank account you need to spend the money for renters insurance.

If you are in a financial bind, wherein you are NOT eating out, struggling to pay rent, buy groceries then find a way to raise the money to pay the monthly cost for insurance. It is truly a peace of mind during a very stressful time.

Thank you for the prayers, support, love, encouragement and donations. They are all truly needed and accepted with thankfulness and graciousness.

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