Financial Fast Day 12 of 21: Most Difficult Financial Obstacle

Struggling today will make you stronger tomorrow
Struggling today will make you stronger tomorrow

It is day 12 of the financial fast. I have completed 11 days of the financial fast. It has had its difficult moments.  I’ve learned much about my finances, myself and my money habits. Most important thing I have learned is the most difficult financial obstacle for me is my mindset.

My spending habit to use my budgeted money is too loose. If I decided I didn’t want to eat leftovers, I would go out to eat. If I decided I wanted a new dress, shoes, jeans, etc., I would go buy it. The ease at which I would spend money on a whim because I wanted things really surprised me. While the money has been budgeted, the purchases were not necessary.

I’ve learned my finances could be better. I thought I was doing an outstanding job. I was just doing alright. I thought I was excelling and I was just passing. I am not accustomed to just “passing”! So I now I know I have changes to make. *sigh* I don’t sigh because I won’t be shopping on the whim. I sigh because I have missed valuable opportunities with my finances. I will not get the time lost or opportunities gone by back. However, I have learned a valuable lesson.

While I still have urges to go shopping on a whim, I fight diligently to control them. I try to remain focused on being a better steward of my money. I’m in the midst of a mindset shift when it comes to my money.

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