5 Tips To Keep Black Friday From Becoming Your Financial Nightmare

Gifts wrapped in reindeer printed wrapping paper under a Christmas tree.

In the United States, the holiday of Thanksgiving starts major retail shopping until Christmas. Many people fall into this spend, spend, spend trap every year. Then after all the lights, velvet, food and music are gone they are left with a financial nightmare! These are a few tips to keep you financially focused during the holiday shopping season.

#1 – Do NOT USE A CREDIT CARD! Yes I know you didn’t save any money for gifts this year because Christmas, Thanksgiving and black Friday were all re-scheduled. *blank stare* You are probably still paying off Christmas gifts from last year if not two years ago. Don’t use a credit card.

#2 – Go with a LIST! Yes a list! This list should include who the gift is for, the exact description (including size), price, store and coupons/discounts/price matching. If it is NOT on your list it does NOT exist.

#3 – Only buy a gift with a particular person in mind. Why? You are NOT to buy anything because it’s such a GREAT PRICE. Yes you will forget to get someone a gift. Oh well just wish them an extra Merry Christmas.

#4 – Only CASH! This does not mean use your debit card. You must go to the bank or ATM to get cash. Once all the cash you have is GONE, you are to go home. Oh I know there are so many great deals you didn’t buy. *shoulder shrug*

#5 – If the only cash in your account is for bills and not gifts. Instead, stay at home. Please don’t spend your money on what you want and then beg for what you need i.e. rent money, electric/gas bill paid or even food. Instead, repurpose items you already own, make gifts and you can even give out COUPONS. Yes COUPONS for (2) hours of yardwork, (1) hour of babysitting, (1) hour of painting, etc.

Be creative, have fun and better yet, don’t spend money you don’t have!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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